Wearable Art

Recently added to the line are two mask designs. All of my artist royalties (100% of the money sent to me) from the sales of these masks will go to the Canadian Food Banks. In order to avoid wastage masks & clothing are made on demand. To order please go to https://www.art-a-porter.com/en/maria.antonietta.di.rosa



Standard Clothing Line:

Protect our environment by purchasing pieces that are classic and will last a long time. Wear what you love and makes you feel happy and not just a trend.

Please consider purchasing any of these pieces plus many more styles by visiting my wearable line linked below. Thank you.


I am proud to say the line is human-friendly and earth-friendly. The statement on the producers website is as follows:


An artist somewhere is compensated for every product that leaves our factory. We’ve never hired a single undeclared employee (if you only knew how big of a problem that is – even locally – you wouldn’t be so surprised that we actually wrote this down in here!). Vegan fabrics are dyed in-house with environment-friendly water-based inks. Focused on sustainability, Le Galeriste limits fabric waste to a bare minimum. We are basically perfect. NOT! But we do try to be the best corporate citizen we possibly can.”