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What is Encaustic?

The word encaustic means to burn in. It is an ancient art form comprised of bees wax, damar resin, and pigment. Once the wax mixture is heated to 200 degrees it can be manipulated onto the board. Each layer of wax must be fused & cooled in order for multiple layers to be added. The wax mixture can be further manipulated with either a heat tool or an encaustic iron to further the design. Once completely cooled, the wax hardens. (Please see below on how to take care of your encaustic piece.)


Almonte and Area Artists’ Association (A4 or AAAA) https://almonteartintheattic.wordpress.com/maria-di-rosa/

International Encaustic Artists https://www.international-encaustic-artists.org/

Future Confirmed Art Exhibitions

Due to the World trying to keep healthy all Exhibitions are on hold! Keep well and create without judgement!

October 15th to 19th, 2020 Artbox.Project in Barcelona

Barcelona Show new dates

Barcelona Show new dates


Present/Past Art Exhibitions

Artbox.Screen at Artbox.Gallery,  Zürich Switzerland  April 2020

Artbox.Screen at Artbox.Gallery,  Zürich Switzerland March 2020

CANCELLED  Artbox.Project Barcelona Art Metropole Europe March 18th-22nd, 2020

Di Rosa-Maria Antonietta-Canada-Maria Antonietta Di Rosa-Untitled-33Instagram


January 2020 Artbox.Gallery, Zürich Switzerland

Artbox.Project at Art Basel Miami 2019, December 2-8, 2019

©Maria-Antonietta-Di-RosaDi Rosa-Maria Antonietta-Canada-Maria Antonietta Di Rosa-Untitled (Earth's Imagination in Flight)-558InstagramDi Rosa-Maria Antonietta-Canada-Maria Antonietta Di Rosa-Untitled (Feed You Imagination)-1230InstagramDi Rosa-Maria Antonietta-Canada-Maria Antonietta Di Rosa-Black Hole-20InstagramQuerDi Rosa-Maria Antonietta-Canada-Maria Antonietta Di Rosa-Pandas-21InstagramQuer

Artbox.Gallery, Zürich Switzerland November 2019

Wall Candy Art Expo, Ottawa Canada November 23, 2019

Artbox.Talent, Zürich Switzerland October 2019


Artbox.Gallery, Zürich Switzerland September 2019

Artbox.Project at the Swiss Art Expo Aug 2019, Zürich

Di Rosa-Maria Antonietta-Canada-Maria Antonietta Di Rosa-On Fire-502Instagram (1)

Di Rosa-Maria Antonietta-Canada-Maria A. Di Rosa-Earths Creation-1630Instagram (2)

Di Rosa-Maria Antonietta-Canada-Maria A. Di Rosa-Earths Creation-1630Instagram (1)





Mill of Kintail Conservation Area, Almonte, Ontario, Canada (2nd group exhibition)

The Art House Cafe Ottawa, Ontario Canada (Solo exhibition)

Art in the Attic (AAAA/A4), Almonte, Ontario, Canada (36th, 37th, 38th, 39th Annual Show, group exhibitions)

The Civic Hospital Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (4th solo exhibition)

The Carleton Place Library, Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada (2nd group exhibition)

Wall Candy Art Expo 2018, Ottawa, Ontario Canada (group exhibition)

Artbox Gallery Screen Zürich, June 2018

2018 June Zurich


Certificate Maria A. Di Rosa

Trio Bistro & Lounge, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (solo exhibition)

Fall Exhibit at the Art House Cafe, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (group exhibition)

Summer Exhibit at the Art House Cafe, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (group exhibition)

Spring Exhibit at The Art House Cafe, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (group exhibition)

Stittsville Library, Ontario, Canada (group exhibition)

Dovercourt Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (2nd group exhibition)

Shaw Centre at the Body, Soul & Spirit Expo, Ottawa Ontario, Canada (two artists exhibition)

Palms, Almonte, Ontario, Canada (2nd two artists exhibition)

The Herb Garden, Ontario, Canada (group exhibition)

Maple Run Studio Tour, Pakenham, Ontario, Canada (group exhibition)

Village Clinic, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (solo exhibition)

KRP Spring Bazare, Kanata, Ontario, Canada (group exhibition)

Robin’s Nest, Almonte, Ontario, Canada (group exhibition)

The Hive, Carp, Ontario, Canada (group, and solo exhibitions)

Rustic Ruminants, Burnstown, Ontario, Canada (group exhibition)

Commission: Health Food Services (HFS), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Movie participation: Painting “Core” shown in Hallmark movie “Love on a Limb”

Community Projects:

Presently participating in the 4A Art in the Attic 30th Anniversary project that will be revealed in May 2020. Hint: the history of Almonte including basketball!!

4A project of Mills of Mississippi presently housed in the Textile Museum in Almonte, Ontario, Canada. Two of my panels as part of a series.







As well, participated in three group murals presently exhibited in the town of Almonte, Ontario, Canada

In partnership with Dovercourt Community Centre and with the aid of another artist, designed & painted mural in the community pool.

Caring for Encaustic art
It is important not to hang any art in direct sunlight. This is also true for encaustic art. It should not be left in a vehicle for an extended period of time. “Bloom” may also appear, if so gently, with a soft clean link free cloth, shine up your art piece.