An Artist’s Year Ahead and Lessons Learnt

With four awards behind me and hoping for another in December, where do I go from here! Another year has begun and we are already in month three…..

Like any vocation/calling, an artist’s life is ever evolving. In the past I would fill my year with creating small encaustic and mix media painting, and exhibiting in many art shows. Usually the larger paintings were reserved for the large international art shows. Presently I create a limited number of large paintings, that take more time, and are reserved for specific submissions. So, what does this all mean for an artist. The important thing to consider is what do you want as an artist? I know I do not want to be a factory, instead I wish to create what means most to me and what will be most important to the eye of the beholder. It does not mean I will no longer create smaller paintings, for smaller paintings are needed in small spaces. Creating, being the most important part of an artist’s life, is not the only aspect. Let’s add marketing, public relations, book keeping, social media manager and yes, blogger.

When did creating become a business? Always! The difference is that presently an artist can control their destiny whereas in the past an artists needed handlers.

The most important lesson is to keep creating. If you are like most artists, what is happening around you effects your work and how it is perceived….moody, happy, cold, engaging. For this reason balance in life is important. Say ‘No’, with confidence, when it is needed and ‘Yes’, with confidence, when it makes you happy.

Listen to your instinct ….. really listen!

I want to keep this short.

Days that are filled with creating are great days. Days filled with research, paper work and other management functions are essential.


Walkway II Greece 8×12

An Artist’s Daily Life in 2022

It is without a doubt that an artist cannot stop creating. It goes against their being.

The last few years have been challenging for the world for sure. Now let’s add a torn ACL for 2022. The question will be to surgery or not to surgery. While waiting for the answer, creativity does not take a break nor do I want it to take a break.

We can look at the body taking charge and telling the brain we need to slow down. No more running wild doing ten things at once.

So what does this mean for the creativity? Slowing down allows for more thinking and more thinking allows for new ideas.

A creative, no matter the kind, sees without limits, peels the onion layer by layer. Slowing down enables the artist to see and experience every part of what they are observing and feeling. This could be good or bad. Either way it contributes to the next piece they will produce.

So what is next….painting for sure.

Let us add some advocating for injustice while we are at it.

The panels you see above are step one and two of a new piece. Let’s see where creativity takes us!

Just Another Year…Not!

Happy 2021 Year!

I have been thinking of what 2020 was about…beside it being a devastating year for health around the world.

More and more artists and galleries are “pivoting” to make art more accessible to the masses, the way it should be. On-line art shows popped up in 2020 and are continuing in 2021. Around the world we can meet other artists and virtually attend world shows. I am a firm believer that the arts are a healing factor for day to day living. I am proud to be part of the ARTBOX.PROJECTS World. If anything we need to keep the arts available to all.

Creativity Un?…Defined!

Untitled (Let Your Imagination Run Wild 20×20″

I am often asked how long it takes me to finish a painting or how do I know when it is finished or….or…or…

The answer is simple and complex at the same time. It is important to remember when creating…to not overthink it. When you start to think about the materials you have or do not have, or the studio you have or do not have, you will postpone creating. Trust your instincts and delve deep inside yourself for you have all the answers, even if it takes you awhile to find them. The more you develop the ability to hear what you are telling yourself the more you will be able to access that creativity. This may sound difficult but taking gentle time for yourself, even five minutes, will be helpful.

We tend to forget our true amazing abilities but if you allow it our creative selves, which is honest, will divulge what is necessary to create.

Trust yourself by giving yourself the luxury of time and use the time to think, listen, and create!

To Title or Not to Title…That is the Question!!!

Untitled – On the wall 7 hinges 3×18″ each

An artist always has the challenge of naming their piece of work. At times that challenge is minimal and short lived, other times being more of a challenge. Either way a name will develop, as when naming a child.

A name is usually the result of feelings felt during the creation. The artist’s surroundings (physical – self and nature), life experiences (mind) and overall well being (spirit) will impact the title.

Some artists make the decision to not assign a title, otherwise using “Untitled”. Often this decision is based on the artist’s belief that by using “Untitled” the viewer has no predetermined vision and therefore open to their own interpretation.

Whether titled or untitled both the artist’s and the viewer’s experience is their respective truth. If the piece has many purposes, one being to create an experience for the viewer then……….

The question remains, what do you think as an artist or as a viewer… to title or not to title?

As an artist I believe in using both. I make my decision once the piece has been completed allowing the piece to show me to title or not to title.

Either way, fill your surrounds with colour. Enjoy!

2020 The Year of Great Change – Hopefully

There really is nothing we cannot conquer together. It has been a tough year for humanity but working together, for a better future, we can achieve a better world.  Working towards a new/improved Earth for all humans, for we are all connected and when one of us is hurting, humanity as a whole is hurting. It is important to remember that we can all be successful in our own way. When we learn to value ourselves we in turn value all humanity and nature, which are intertwined. Be good to yourself, be good to others, be good to the earth and in turn we will overcome these times.


No Mountain Too High

Solitude Can = Creativity!

First, Thank You all essential workers for your hard work. Without you we could not get through this time. You are the real heroes.

Well 2020 has been a different kind of year!

General consensus is that no one could have prepared us for this challenge. No matter your thoughts on your capability be aware you are stronger than you think.

So how do we make the most of the situation? Since we are slowing down and “physical” distancing this is a good time to look and listen to your inner self. Trust that inner self for it has been training for 300,000* years. (*National Geographic existence of humans)

Create create create …..paint, draw, play an instrument, write, sing, do what you love with no judgement or fear. Your body and mind will thank you.

Road to and from Art Basel Miami!

Wynwood is Heaven!…The Wynwood walls that is… and so is South Beach, all in all Art Basel Miami is amazing. It holds a richness in art and artist making the observer feel like they are walking through a painting. A must see for everyone. Here is a little taste of my adventure.

2019 Wynwood Walls Art Basel Miami

2019 Wynwood Walls Art Basel Miami

Exploring new ideas!

I wanted to explore a new idea and it worked. One of my new encaustic paintings can be displayed on the wall or off the wall. Never be too afraid to try something new. If it works or it doesn’t both are a success.

Creativity has no boundaries!

The creative brain cannot be stifled. Sometimes you have to give into it’s demands and hope it will works. If it does or it doesn’t both are successful. There is no such thing as failure, just a life lesson in the making.

This is my on the wall and off the wall creation. Glad I did not listen to the inner voice that tells you take the path more travelled.