The Road to One of the Biggest Art Shows!

In 2016 during an art exhibit at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa a gentleman approached my booth. He asked me if I had ever exhibited at the massive art shows, like Miami. I do not remember his exact words, but he told me my work would fit right in.

He left as quickly as he came!

His calm and matter of fact mannerism provoked my curiosity! I needed to find out more about him.  I did search and later that day discovered he was an Indian Vedic, with credits of helping people such as Martin Luther King Jr III, Robert F. Kennedy, and Cher to name only a few.

My life has been busy with many art exhibitions since our encounter! Fast forward to yesterday where I received notice three of my art pieces would be shown at Art Basel Miami 2019, one of the biggest art shows in the world.  I leave you to your reaction of this story. I can only tell you I never forgot our encounter and shortly there after  invitations to participate in shows started to flow in!

Visit the many locations during December 2 to the 8, 2019. My work will be in the Wynwood Art District.

(Third certificate to be posted at a later date.)

Nurturing the Imagination!

There is still more to come in 2019! It has been a busy summer but more importantly the imagination has been in overdrive. New paintings are ready for a variety of shows in 2019 and 2020.

September 2019 at the Artbox.Gallery in Zürich Switzerland

October 2019 at the Artbox.Talent in Zürich Switzerland

November 2019 at the Artbox.Gallery in Zürich Switzerland

November 23, 2019 at the Wall Candy Expo in Ottawa Canada

Wall Candy - Exhibiting Artist - Promo Image

And…..fingers crossed

December 2-8, 2019 Artbox.Projects in Miami

2020 Artbox.Projects in London, England and Venice, Italy dates ???

As well as save the dates May 8-10, 2020 for the 30th Anniversary of Art in the Attic, Almonte Canada

Keep well and feed your imagination!

Fear is a 4 letter word not to be feared!

Fear really is a four letter word not be be feared, and failure is really a success in itself.

I have always been a person to jump in first then ask questions later! Not recommended for some things but definitely for living life.

I am excited to say that I have submitted three painting for the 34th Chelsea International Fine Art Completion, as well as submitting one painting to the 2019 Luxembourg Art Prize.  I am in the process of submitting work to Artbox Gallery in Zürich for the Swiss Art Expo. In Ottawa my work is at the Carleton Place Library until March 28th, and at the Civic Hospital Art Gallery for the month of April. Then in May I will be at the Art House Cafe, Ottawa.

Go ahead and do something that makes you happy!

Art & clothing collide environmentally of course!

It is up and running! My clothing line that is. Wear without guilt & bath in colour. Blue Universe is first on tap.

Le Galeriste’s states on their website:


An artist somewhere is compensated for every product that leaves our factory. We’ve never hired a single undeclared employee (if you only knew how big of a problem that is – even locally – you wouldn’t be so surprised that we actually wrote this down in here!). Vegan fabrics are dyed in-house with environment-friendly water-based inks. Focused on sustainability, Le Galeriste limits fabric waste to a bare minimum. We are basically perfect. NOT! But we do try to be the best corporate citizen we possibly can.