An Artist’s Year Ahead and Lessons Learnt

With four awards behind me and hoping for another in December, where do I go from here! Another year has begun and we are already in month three…..

Like any vocation/calling, an artist’s life is ever evolving. In the past I would fill my year with creating small encaustic and mix media painting, and exhibiting in many art shows. Usually the larger paintings were reserved for the large international art shows. Presently I create a limited number of large paintings, that take more time, and are reserved for specific submissions. So, what does this all mean for an artist. The important thing to consider is what do you want as an artist? I know I do not want to be a factory, instead I wish to create what means most to me and what will be most important to the eye of the beholder. It does not mean I will no longer create smaller paintings, for smaller paintings are needed in small spaces. Creating, being the most important part of an artist’s life, is not the only aspect. Let’s add marketing, public relations, book keeping, social media manager and yes, blogger.

When did creating become a business? Always! The difference is that presently an artist can control their destiny whereas in the past an artists needed handlers.

The most important lesson is to keep creating. If you are like most artists, what is happening around you effects your work and how it is perceived….moody, happy, cold, engaging. For this reason balance in life is important. Say ‘No’, with confidence, when it is needed and ‘Yes’, with confidence, when it makes you happy.

Listen to your instinct ….. really listen!

I want to keep this short.

Days that are filled with creating are great days. Days filled with research, paper work and other management functions are essential.


Walkway II Greece 8×12