To Title or Not to Title…That is the Question!!!

Untitled – On the wall 7 hinges 3×18″ each

An artist always has the challenge of naming their piece of work. At times that challenge is minimal and short lived, other times being more of a challenge. Either way a name will develop, as when naming a child.

A name is usually the result of feelings felt during the creation. The artist’s surroundings (physical – self and nature), life experiences (mind) and overall well being (spirit) will impact the title.

Some artists make the decision to not assign a title, otherwise using “Untitled”. Often this decision is based on the artist’s belief that by using “Untitled” the viewer has no predetermined vision and therefore open to their own interpretation.

Whether titled or untitled both the artist’s and the viewer’s experience is their respective truth. If the piece has many purposes, one being to create an experience for the viewer then……….

The question remains, what do you think as an artist or as a viewer… to title or not to title?

As an artist I believe in using both. I make my decision once the piece has been completed allowing the piece to show me to title or not to title.

Either way, fill your surrounds with colour. Enjoy!